Google Scared of Microsoft? Increases Homepage Text by 33% to Address Bing

Jun 19, 2009

Is Google scared of Microsoft’s apparent early success with Bing?

Of course not, Bing’s so far only managed to gain a couple of points in market share, why would Google be scared of it? Right?

Well, someone over at Google is scared of Bing, because the search engine leader has just launched an initiative to remind its users of the underlying technology that makes Google better than Bing. When you visit the homepage, you’ll see a link “Discovering the web” which, when clicked, takes you to a page that looks like this:

The page has many reminders of what’s “under the hood” and even has videos to explain the benefits of using Google.

Before you dismiss this as “no big deal” keep in mind that Google rarely adds new content to its homepage. There’s like a gazillion levels of approval for the addition of just one word–and here we see Google increases the current word count from 28 to 37!

Maybe Google co-founder Sergey Brin really is a little scared of Bing’s chances for success. ;-)

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